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Vocational Class


Silk Screen Printing: Here they are occupied with making Cash memos, envelopes, letter heads, Bill books, Challans and visiting cards etc.


Tailoring & Embroidery: Mostly aprons, bags, uniforms, clothes and accesories are made here. Although there is no great profit from the sale of these handicrafts we are grateful for whatever we receive from these sales.


Drawing/Painting: Those among the hearing impaired children who showed an interest and a talent for drawing/painting are taught how to draw and use paints. In the 1998 Disabled Competition held in Mizoram, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in the drawing/painting went to children from this unit. Earned 1st, 2nd prizes many times from the Very Special Art India for drawing and painting competitions.


Envelope making: Our envelopes are purely handmade. Envelope making requires paper cutting, folding, pasting gums and put them together and dried them. It requires hard work and the trainees are guided to master these steps. Our products are being purchased by SSA Mizoram, AIR and other Government offices. We make envelopes of any size.


Candle making unit: This unit is registered under 150300763 PMT/SSI of 5.5.06 (Govt. of Mizoram). Young adults who are ID, HI and CP are trained here. We have ordinary to crafted and painted candles. But from 2012, the situation compelled us to discontinue this unit because of the increasing price of paraffin wax.

Paper Plate making:We have different ranges of paper plates which are made from craft papers, TAAZA cartons and JK copier paper covers. These taaza cartons and paper covers are kept by devoted peoples across Aizawl and they contributed them to Gilead Industries and Vocational Training Centre. 

Paper Bag Making: Paper bags are made by our children from senior functional class.

 Doormat Making: Senior functional class are busy making different sizes of doormats which are made with net and fabrics. These pieces of fabrics are collected from different well wishers.

Besides these activities the children participated in cultural dances and different types of games. In the 1998 Cultural Dance Competition for the Disabled, our children won 1st prize. In the games section for badminton, carrom and table tennis our children first prize as well.

In 1996 the Rehabilitation Co-ordination of India awarded us the 'RCI Hongkong Foundation International Institution Award 1996' due to 'Outstanding performance in the Welfare of Spastics in difficult terrain of North-East'. Although we never worked for rewards or recognition but we felt very proud to have been selected the Recipient of National Award for Welfare of Children in 1999.





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