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Out Patient Division


This is the first place where any child requiring services are advised to go. Any child from 0-18 years are properly assessed by a special teacher and a therapist. Those that do not know how to hold their head up, learn how to hold them upright, those that who drools learn to swallow it.


Parent Counselling Cell


There is a Social Worker (Counselor). After the disabled children take their therapy and the parents are taught how to care for their children at home all the parents are given counseling by a Social Worker who is qualified and certified counselor.

Day Care Centre

Reception Class: - . For Children between 2 to 5 years. As many of these children may be physically older than what they are mentally capable of; their mental capabilities rather than birthday is taken into consideration.The children are taught independent living skills like toileting, eating, dressing and grooming and communication and social skills. They are taught to distinguish different shapes and sizes, as well as to recognize different colours. 

Junior Functional Class


Ages 6-10 yrs. Children here are taught independent living skills like toileting, dressing and grooming, eating and communication. They learn to write their own names, parent's name and address, numbers and alphabets, they have their different goals for the year based on their IQ levels.


Senior Functional Class


For ages 11-15 yrs. Each of the children have their respective goals for the year according to their needs and abilities. Their goals includes the art of writing their names, parent's names and addresses. They are taught to identify the dates and times,  important dates and events, to know the value of money. They are taught different independent living skills like toileting, eating, dressing and grooming, sex education,bathing, brooming, fetching water and washing dishes etc. Besides, senior functional class are making doormats and paper bags on their vocational education.


Hearing Impaired Class


From 5 yrs onwards. As many of the children who attend this class normally do not have mental disabilities, they are taught sign language, lip reading as well as reading and writing. In 1994, Lady Susan Fenn, wife of the British HIgh Commissioner kindly donated us Group Hearing Aids which the children use for their learning. There are also children in this group who are mentally retarded.

The class starts from pre-school to Cl-VI following the MBSE syllabus. American Sign Language (ASL) is used to educate these children.

Academic Class

Cerebral Palsied and Hearing Impaired children here are receiving education following the MBSE syllabus. We are planning to join NIOS (National Insitute of Open Schooling).

C.P Academic Class: Pre-School to Cl-X. Although G.S.S is a middle school, Sangsanga made his way through cl-x.

H.I Academic Class: Pre-school to Cl-IV. American Sign Language(ASL) is employed to teach these children.

Vocational Class


Silk Screen Printing: Here they are occupied with making Cash memos, envelopes, letter heads, Bill books, Challans and visiting cards etc.



Co-curricular Activities



Games & Sports: Games and sport has been one of the most important Co-Curricular Activities of our children. As the children are guided by expert coaches,many of them are capable of playing indoor as well as outdoor games. Our athletes were playing at the state and national level a number of times.

Taekwondo & Aerobics: H.I class (I-IV) are learning Taekwondo & Aerobics every Friday apart from their academic class. Now that some of them are green one belt, yellow belt and white belt. Now they are working hard to achieve their next belt.

Scout & Guide:  Scout & Guide has been started at our school from 2012. Any children between the ages of 10-14 are enrolled here. Children here are actively participating and contributing on their 'Service Day' which are the first and the last Tuesdays of each month.

Cub & Bulbul: Any Children between 6-9 years are enrolled here. The first and the last Tuesdays are also used as service day. Our Cubs & Bulbuls won the 1st Prize at the district Utsav 2012 for their work of flower making amongst the mainstream schools.

Cultural Dance: Dancing has been one of the vital Co-curricular activities of our children. Cultural and worship dances are performed by our children at different occasions.

Community Based Rehabilitation Programme


The SRSC has placed great importance upon this programme, and one of its main aim is to go to those who cannot come to the Centre. This program was implemented and free clinics were held in the more remote villages as well. The program had taken its shape with the funding of Action Aid India at the initial stage in 1998. We continued to take up the programme inspite of many hardships because we felt that this is the service where the community can help thus minimising the cost of services. As there is no other organisation or institution in Mizoram, we cover the whole State of Mizoram under our CBR Programme. We have 500 identified and assessed case at hand in 50 villages.



When 'Genesis' magazine was first began in 1989, only 100 copies were printed but now more than 1600 people received information about the disabled every month. It is the one and only magazine for the disabled in Mizoram till now.

It is through this magazine that many children joined our hostel to attend the school or vocational training centre. Funding under the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation 10 different booklets on various subjects on disability was published and it remains the only source of information we can have in book form in Mizoram. After the first edition, the second printing of which was sponsored by UNICEF, we  have been able to reach those in far away places who cannot come to our Center. We have a film about disability called 'Go Tell it to the Mountains' with the funding from Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.

Starting from 1989, it has now reached its 25th Anniversary. This humble magazine costed Rs. 5 per copy from the beginning till April, 2014 but with complete reluctance we have to raise the price to Rs. 10 from May so that we can meet the printing charges.

The annual subscription rate is Rs. 120 both by hand or post.  

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