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Although the disabled have always been with us, their welfare and well-being have never been seriously thought-out before. They have been regarded as incapable of learning

Spastic Society of Mizoram is a non-profit, non-political organization formed by the parents/grandparents of the following four children on 1989 in order to support each other and help out other parents as well:

Rachel Zohmangaihi born on 24th March, 1976, is a spastic hemiplegia as a result of contracting jaundice.

Samuel Lalchhuanawma born on 6th April, 1987 is a spastic quadriplegia as a result of contracting jaundice.

Jason Zama born on 29th June, 1987.

Lalrammuani born on 7th January, 1988, Spastic Athetoid.

These four parents have always believed that it is possible for their children to develop to their utmost capabilities, and they have gone to various cities such as Vellore, Delhi  and Calcutta with this belief. In 1989, with the realization that there was no cure for their children and that the best course for them was rehabilitation hence time and money were spent in taking their respective children for treatment in different Rehabilitation Centres in India.

On the 10th April 1989 the society for Rehabilitation of Spastic Children was formally instituted keeping in mind this Society would help other less privileged disabled children in Mizoram whose parents could not afford to take them to Rehabilitation Centers outside of Mizoram.After drafting the Constitution, by-laws and Memorandum of Association, the Society was duly registered with the Registrar, Firms and Society, Government of Mizoram vide Registration No. SR. 13 of 1989 dated the 4th July 1989.

The Society is affiliated to Spastics Society of Eastern India in Calcutta. The magazine 'Genesis' was published to generate general awareness on disabled children, besides bringing in a small income for the Society's fund. At first, only 100 copies of the magazines were sold and the proceeds went towards sending one trainee to SSEI Calcutta to train for a Special Educator for C.P. Miss Chalthanpuiii became the first Mizo trained to work for the disabled.

After the four members of the Society underwent a short management programme in Calcutta, the Gilead Special School for Multi-Handicapped Children was started on the 10th April 1990 with the four children of the founder members. We did not intent to take in other handicapped children save the C.P and M.Rs. But many parents with hearing handicapped children came and ask for inclusion because there was and is practically no services for them. This is the reason our Society has CP, MR and HH children now.

From 1994 the Society went to villages to hold free clinics. Since then we conducted innumerable Outreach Clinics in the east, the west, the north and the south. And from 1998, we have taken up the Community Based Rehabilitation Programme in real earnest, first with the funding from Action Aid India for a year and continued to do the programme on our own since then.

Many people ask us how we help these disabled children who came to us. Those that do not know how to hold their head up, learn how to hold them upright, those that who drools learn to swallow it, those that are nearly deaf and the profoundly deaf learn to read and write and speak in different ways. The bigger ones are taught some craft that will be of use to them when they become adults.

VISION: The quality of life of every person with Mental Retardation is equal to other citizens in the country so that they can live independently to the maximum extent possible.

MISSION: Through constant professional endeavors, empowering the persons with disability to live independently and lead a life with dignity.

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SSM - Gilead Special School

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