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Aims and Objectives


Aims and Objectives of Spastic Society of Mizoram.

  1. To make the child feel wanted and loved so that he/she gain a sense of self-respect and belonging.
  2. To train the child in basic functions and as the child grows older to teach the skills that will provide emotional and physical independence as far as possible so that the child should look to the future with hope and courage.
  3. To teach and show parents that treatment of the child in a bigger institution is not the only solution to the problem. Children can be taught and helped to a great extent within the confines of their own home.
  4. To teach parents of the handicapped child that the child has potential which can be fully developed through training and guidance.
  5. To emphasize that it is not only parents but also the cooperation of other family members that is needed for the care and training of the handicapped child.
  6. To involve parents of these children through the Parents' Associations, so that the exchange of problems and ideas provides support and encouragement towards one another and is of help to their children.
  7. To seek professional help and guidance from people competent in these field of work for training our own staff.
  8. To mobilize public awareness through radio, television and the print media about the lonely world of handicapped; about the fact that they can be helped and integrated into society as useful citizens.
  9. To establish training centres manned by professionals that will provide educational as well as vocational training facilities for the handicapped child.

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