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January:* The school reopens on 21st January

*We received several wheelchairs, rolators and hearing aids (BTE) from ALIMCO, Kanpur. The requirements along with the application form are - Passportsize - 3 copies, local council

*Famous female rock band Afflatus from Shillong were having a concert at Vanapa Hall. We are very grateful for they donated Rs. 20,000 to us.

*We congratulate Ms. Zothansangi and Ms. Lalbiakdiki for not only completing their B.ed (Special Education) at IICP, Kolkata but also being the toppers. Ms. Zothansangi received the prestigious Gold Medal from University Vice Chancellor.



December: * We received donations as the following:

1. Ms. Lalhmangaihi C/o Pu T. Chawngthu SP (Rtd), Lunglei = Rs. 800.00

2. Pu Zarzoliana, Vice Chairman, AMC Zemabawk 'N' = Rs. 500.00

3. Zemabawk 'N' MHIP = Rs. 2000.00

4. Pu Lal Thanzara (Pu Patea) Zarkawt for Christmas Present = 5000.00

5. Pu K. Lalenga, CRCC, Zemabawk Cluster = Rs. 1000.00

6. Lalrintluanga (Lalmama, our student) parents = Rs. 1500.00

7. Falkland Presbyterian Church = Rs. 4000.00

*Pu Anthony Chhuanvawra also paid the expense of feast for hostelers and staff.

* Lalnuntluangi (Mami) parents gave chickens for hostel.

* Lalrinfela's mother also donated a Holy Bible to Hostel.

We thanked all the donors and well wishers for their precious contributions.


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Jan 18, 2013

Gilead Special School

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